Let’s Start!

Woah! Hello world wide web! I can hardly believe it. After going through all of college hearing about these people who write these things called “blogs” (or as more proper people like to call them, “weblogs”…I had a professor who called them by this…but that’s a WHOLE other story…), I never envisioned myself actually partaking in such a thing, but here I am!  And I am pretty excited about it!

I intend for this blog to detail various challenges, obstacles, technologies, solutions, bugs, interesting facts, etc. that I come across as a web and .NET developer.  I hope that you, who have stumbled across this site, can take away some sort of insight or knowledge from it that you did not have before.  I don’t know how often I will post new entries to this blog, nor do I really know what they will be about, but that’s all part of the whole experience.  This is the initial kickoff to something that I hope to be pretty cool.  So here we go!

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